Hi Matt,

I am just trying many techniques and different way on this specific reference intentionally to draw it at the end.

I am trying now to turn this person into Mannequin based on number one in my references which looks more basic like circle for rib cage and box for torso which the second one not.


1-I struggled to know the perspective of the side plane of the boxes, which I didn’t know how to show it on the Reference. I knew only the front planes, which I left the lines that I used. Could you please show how you know the side planes?

2-I struggled with the box for the clavicle and shoulders if it’s top view or low view, and didn’t know its side planes.

3-I also struggled with knee boxes and its side planes and I don’t know why the far knee looks too small, and I’m not sure for the pelvis box if we see the bottom part or not.





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March 31, 2024

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