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It’s time to end the overwhelm. Learning how to draw requires that you master ten to twelve techniques, not two hundred. Drawing Tutorials Online will enable you to learn how to master the techniques that matter.


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At The Core

Step By Step

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The main core of our course library focuses on both, figure drawing and portrait drawing. However, we suggest that every member progress through our begin here step by step course first. The begin here course will provide you with tried and true drawing techniques. First, you will learn how to navigate your way through the daunting task of choosing the right materials as well as setting up your studio for success. You will be trained in academic drawing techniques. You will learn how to control your touch, draw accurate shapes, see light and shade, understand form, model form, manage value ratios, understand light sources, set up your images value structure plus so much more. This is course is set up for the beginner as well as an advanced student.

We Listen To Our Members

Member Focused Instruction

Drawing Tutorials Online currently has thirty-seven courses. Each course has its own set of lessons. To date, our course library contains four hundred four lessons. To be honest, there was no way we were going to count the number of videos in each lesson. Let’s just say there are a lot. 

Figure Drawing

Our figure drawing courses with teach you how to draw the figure from life, photos, and your imagination. Learn how to draw traditional long-duration drawings as well as short gesture type drawings.

Portrait Drawing

Mastering the art of portrait drawing is no easy task. Within the members area you can access courses that focus on helping you understand portrait drawing at multiple levels. From features to form, we’ve got you covered.


To draw a believable figure or portrait, you need to have a basic understanding of anatomy. Learning how to see and draw key anatomical landmarks will be the difference-maker for your drawings.


When confronted with a blank sheet of paper some artists find composing to be quite daunting. Learn how to use value patterns, compositional shapes, a centerline, contrast, as well as edges to tackle any scene.


Perspective plays such a key role in every aspect of drawing. From placing a figure in a scene to drawing a believable landscape, understanding the basics of perspective is a must. Learn one, two, and three-point.


How does one draw a variety of textures with just a simple pencil? We’ll help you to draw chrome, glass, and wood to start. You’ll also learn how to draw the softness of hair versus the hardness of bone.

Depth Of Knowledge

A Variety Of Courses

Master Class

Learn the fine points of image-making by studying the works of William Adolphe Bouguereau, Howard Pyle, Anders Zorn, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Eakins, John William Waterhouse plus many more. Each master class lesson comes with its own downloadable PDF. Learn how these masters controlled where the viewer looks first, second and third. Discover how these masters used edge variety to their benefit. Understand how each one of these masters used a specific color palette aligned with their style. Learn how each one of these artists used line and tone. Plus learn how these artists used a process to create consistently great work time and time again.


Matthew worked as a freelance illustrator for eighteen straight years. He painting hundred fo books cover for various publishing companies. In order to work as a successful illustrator for that long you have to clear on what you process, style, and subject matter is. Do you have a process? Do you jump around from style to style with each piece of art you create? The illustration course within the members area is worth the price of membership alone. Our members gain a true sense of clarity and direction for themselves and their art after completing this course.

Oil Painting

Within the member’s area we offer a full step by step approach to oil painting. From choosing the correct brushes to setting up your palette each lesson will walk you through the entire process of painting. Learn how to paint gradations along with modeling form with a brush. Matthew has worked with oil paints for twenty plus years. Learn from his experience both good and bad to master the art of painting. There is also a portrait painting and still life course within the painting section of DTO. Learning these traditional oil painting techniques will certainly help you to improve your digital paintings.

Online Pose

You can certainly find some great photo reference all over the web. Our online pose course offers you so me great photo reference as well. Matthew walks you through specific gesture drawing techniques while our online pose videos play in the background. As you draw from our online pose videos Matthew will be teaching you the same gesture drawing techniques he teaches to his students at the School Of Visual Arts. You can download multiple photo reference PDF’s from just about every course within the member’s area.

A Passion For Teaching

Offline & Online

Matthew has been teaching students at the School Of Visual Arts since 1997. He has taught classes ranging from drawing, anatomy to illustration. Let him share his passion and expertise with you in this online setting we like to call Drawing Tutorials Online.

Mixed Media Figure Drawing

Learn how to model the figure using white charcoal on painted board. This free three lesson course will teach you how to add color and form to your figure drawings. Plus you will receive a downloadable PDF.

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