“Got to say you have set up one of the best instructional sites I’ve ever come across – educational, inspiring and fun. Keep up the good work!!!”

Brian Inglis

Surrey, UK

High Quality Drawing Instruction

Matthew Archambault created Drawing Tutorials Online to provide artists with quality art instruction delivered at a college level without the college cost.


Matthew has been an adjunct instructor at the School Of Visual Arts since 1997. The experience he brings from the classroom to an online learning environment will greatly accelerate your learning process.

Included With Your Membership…

Drawing Tutorials

Through our diverse course library you can pick and choose what you want to learn. The bulk of our course library focuses on figure and portrait drawing. However we also offer up diverse course subjects to help keep you well rounded.

Video Critiques

Our site is much more than a bunch of video tutorials. We’ve set up our member area to focus on helping you improve weekly. We welcome you to post your art to our Critique Gallery for informative and encouraging feedback.

Member Podcast

Learn how to stay on target through our weekly podcast. We will answer your art related questions keeping you informed, inspired and motivated. We’ve been in the art business since 1990, yes we will answer your business related questions too.

Online Pose

In our membership area you will gain access to countless downloadable PDF’s that offer you high quality photo reference. You will also gain access to our Online Pose videos helping to keep you sharp through timed gesture poses.

A simple organized course structure, hours of drawing lessons, downloadable PDF’s complementing every course, downloadable photo reference and much more

We’ve been creating content for members since 2008

Designed Through Member Feedback

Our brand new membership site has been designed with help from our most active members. Our members have spoke and we have listened designing a member first site. Our site will provide you with a clean decluttered learning environment helping you to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Take a tour by watching the video below.

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Constant Never Ending Improvement

We are totally committed to constant and never ending improvement. Our course library is never static. We are always adding new courses. Always looking for new ways for our members to expand their skill set.

Begin Here Step By Step

Our Begin Here Step By Step course is worth the price of your subscription alone. This course will provide you with tried and true drawing techniques. First you will learn how navigate your way though the daunting task of choosing the right materials as well as setting up your studio for success. You will be trained in academic drawing techniques. You will will learn how to control your touch, draw accurate shapes, see light and shade, understand form, model form, manage value ratios, understand light sources, set up your images value structure plus so much more. This is course is set up for the beginner as well as advanced student.

Recommended Reading

Our articles are here to help you succeed as an artist allowing you to get the most out of your time at Drawing Tutorials Online. Finally discover your true north so you don’t always feel like you are spinning your wheels. Learn the three disciplines every artist must master to become successful. Understand what the core of your practice should be and why. Learn how to control your focus so you are not all over the place with your learning. Discover how to design your life so you are creating art that matters most to you. Understand what motivates you to sit down and create quality artwork and what doesn’t. Our articles help you to take a birds eye view of how your see yourself as an artist.

A Nurturing Environment

Our membership site will provide you with a safe nurturing environment for learning. Get inspired, encouraged and motivated to learn through weekly critiques and a weekly podcast that answers your questions. Our site welcomes both beginners and advanced students.

Figure Drawing Courses

Figure Drawing A Layered Approach

Learn from the same lessons we teach to our foundation drawing class at the School Of Visual Arts. Figure Drawing A Layered Approach is at the heart of our philosophy of working in layers. Proportions, gesture, form, modeling as well as light and shade are all included in this course. This course has well over 11 hours of video along with multiple PDF booklets. This course is designed for artists who really want to master the skill of drawing the figure from life.

Anatomy Lessons

The only way to take your figure drawings up to the next level is to understand anatomy. Most of advanced figure drawing is drawing the shape of anatomical features throughout the body. This course will help you do just that. We will start with the bone structure and advance into the muscle structure. This course provides you with detailed explanations of bones and muscles. Download multiple PDF’s along with some excellent photo reference.

Cast Drawing

This course is for those of you who want to learn how to draw in a realistic academic way. Lessons one and two teach you all about shading with tone. They will provide you with a strong foundation for where to start. Included in lessons one and two are value, value ratios, value structure, reverse gradations, modeling factors and angles and measurements. Lessons three through six will teach you how to render out the detail of your cast drawing.

The Sixty Minute Figure

With over 7 hours of video the main focus behind the 60 Minute Figure is to help you to draw the figure in a systematic, loose, linear way. This course is not about rendering one pose for thirty hours. This course is designed to teach you how to draw the figure in a deliberate way starting with the core. You will learn how to draw the figure from your memory, life and photo reference. This course will teach how to become more balanced as an artist.

Long Pose Figure Drawing

This course is designed for those artist who love to work on long duration figure drawings. This course takes you from the absolute first marks to a completed polished figure drawing. You will see in detail how to model form with both the Prismacolor Col-erase pencil and white charcoal. Discover how to build up soft realistic looking tones modeling all aspects of the figure. You will also learn how to blend parts of the figure into the background.

How To Draw The Foot

This course is taken from our original DVD “How To Draw the Hand & Foot A Layered Approach”. The videos within this course are classics and have taught thousands of artists just like you. These videos are very easy to get through fast. Techniques included are strategic anatomy of the foot, gesture of the foot, angles of the foot, surface planes and light and shade. This course is two hours long and comes with great photo reference for you to download.

Figure Drawing From Memory

Learn how to draw the rough skeleton with gesture incorporating key anatomical features. Progress to learning how to draw form lines giving your figures volume. Learn how to draw specific shape orientated limbs as well as a clear way to draw feet, hands and a solid head. Draw with light and shade incorporating perspective to create atmosphere. This course has well over 7 hours of video. Struggle no longer with drawing the figure from your memory.

How To Draw Hands

This course is taken from our original DVD “How To Draw the Hand & Foot A Layered Approach”. The videos within this course are classics and have taught thousands of artists just like you. These videos are very easy to get through fast. They will give you lot’s of techniques for drawing the hand. Discover how to see the anatomy of the hand in a clear way. Learn how implement drawing the gesture and structure of the hand. This course is two hours long. It comes with downloadable reference.

The Clothed Figure

Taken from one of our early DVD’s How To Draw Fabric A Layered Approach became an instant classic years ago. This course has three parts divided into six lessons. The first part with teach you how to draw a simple fabric. Part two will teach you how to draw a not so simple fabric. Part three will teach you how to draw a very complicated dress. If you struggle with drawing fabric this course will provide you with easy to understand drawing techniques.

Learn The Subtle Art of Gesture Drawing

This ten lesson course will provide you with a comprehensive start to finish approach to gesture drawing. You will learn all about the basic concept of gesture drawing, materials, physicality, how to loosen up, long rhythm, short rhythm plus specific anatomical landmarks that will make your drawings look much more realistic.


“I’ve said it many times before – IMHO, you’ve got the best drawing website on the internet. Anyone who wants to learn excellent and consistent techniques needs to be on DTO.”

Douglas Hollowell

Dixon, CA

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Portrait Drawing Courses

We are very passionate about portrait drawing. In our membership area we share with you invaluable portrait drawing techniques that will help you improve quickly. Finally discover the secrets to drawing realistic portraits in a structured learning environment.

Portrait Drawing

This course provides 4 hours of video, downloadable photo reference, plus a downloadable PDF booklet. Learning our six core techniques will provide you with a clear roadmap for drawing a portrait from start to finish.

Three Quarter Portrait

This course will teach you how to draw a three quarter portrait. This jam packed course has close to 7 hours of video. Complimenting the drawing tutorials are high quality photo reference PDF’s and a comprehensive PDF booklet.

How To Draw A Profile

This portrait drawing course has 4 hours of video tutorials. Learn how to draw a realistic likeness through form, texture and proportions. Included with this course is high quality downloadable photo reference and a PDF booklet.

Draw An Older Man

Learn how to draw the character of an older man. In this 4 hour course you will learn how to draw the realistic textures of hair and wrinkled skin. In lesson one we start unconventionally drawing the eye first with all of it’s skin wrinkles.

Composition Through Landscape

This course will teach you the fundamentals needed to create beautifully composed landscape drawings. In lesson one you will learn how to see and implement value patterns. In lesson two you will discover how to control where the viewer looks. Lesson three will teach you how set up big compositional shapes. In lesson four you will understand the importance of composing with a centerline. Creating motion within your landscape drawings is a big part of lesson five. Finally in lesson six we pull everything together teaching you how to layer all of the techniques seamlessly. This course has well over 17 hours of video. A downloadable PDF booklet comes with every lesson.

Master Class Series

With close to 8 hours of video this Master Class Series will teach you how to analyze the works of a variety of artists. Learn the fine points of image making by studying the works of William Adolphe Bouguereau, Howard Pyle, Anders Zorn, Norman Rockwell, Thomas Eakins, John William Waterhouse as well as Tom Lovell. Each master class lesson comes with it’s own downloadable PDF. Learn how these masters controlled where the viewer looks first, second and third. Discover how these masters used edge variety to their benefit. Understand how each one of these masters used a specific color palette aligned with their personal style. Learn how each one of these artists used line and tone. Plus learn how these artists used a process to create consistently great work time and time again.

Learn Perspective

This course will teach you the fundamentals needed to understand and fully implement perspective into your drawings. In lesson one you will learn how to see one point perspective. You will start to understand how to start a perspective drawing both from life and from photo reference. In lesson two you will discover all aspects of two point perspective. Two point perspective is certainly the most common perspective used. Lesson three will teach you how to see three point perspective. Understanding how to use perspective in a strategic way will help you in creating dynamic images that grab the viewer’s attention. This perspective course takes the fear out of learning perspective once and for all with our simplified approach. This course has 10 hours of video. A downloadable PDF booklet comes with every lesson.

Understand How To Master Your Process

Do you ever get frustrated with your image making process? Are you tired of getting inconsistent results?  In this course you will learn how to create a clear definable process that will enable you to get consistent results time and time again. Matthew Archambault worked as a Freelance Illustrator in the book publishing industry for eighteen plus years. He knows a thing or two about creating high quality artwork under the pressure of tight deadlines. The good news is that he is willing to share his work process with you. Inspiring you to analyze how you create your art. It’s really all about helping you to see what is possible so you can create your own work unique process. This course is focuses heavily on the illustration process. However this course translates quite nicely to the fine arts, portrait and animation industries.

High Quality Figure Model Photo Reference

In addition to our multiple Online Pose videos members have access to multiple downloadable model reference PDF’s. Drawing from the right photo reference when you have no access to a life drawing class is paramount. Models are photographed with the artist in mind using form light.

Added Bonus

As an added bonus when you sign up today you will gain access to all of our painting tutorials. This additional section will teach you step by step how to paint in a traditional academic way.

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“Matt – I’d like to thank you for this site. It’s an invaluable resource for people like me – adults who work full-time and are unable to take traditional classes, but still truly want to learn the proper way to draw the human figure. Being able to log in whenever I have time and work at my own pace is great, and the feedback you provide is the icing on the cake.”

Jami M. Lynn

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“There has always been art that has inspired me but never ART INSTRUCTION, until now. Feels like I have a secret playbook to creating great drawings.”

Dave Jasinski

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“I just want to thank you for the teacher that you are. The way that you teach is so wonderful, so easy to follow. I thank you again for taking the time and effort to create this site. Best educational site I have ever been on.”

Kimberly Hunt

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