torso painting, larry

for matt

Hi Matt,

This is a long one.
I’ve tried colored pencils and acrylics, but based on your comments I cut those short. I also tried water color and digital, but I didn’t like the medium enough to work at it. Water mixable oils I do like and I want to stick with it.  I’m still doing monochromatic and 90% of the time I’m working over a tracing.  Unlike your drawing instruction where there’s a step-by-step layered approach. Painting goes from let’s make a gradient, let’s try a sphere, to now let’s paint a portrait and figures. There’s a lot of steps missing, or I sure hope that’s true. Evolve offers a full guided painting course, but it runs thousands of dollars and I’m an old retired guy who doing this as a hobby.  I’ve been using all the free material Evolve offers to cobble together some beginner instruction for myself.  This torso is my fourth attempt. The first couple were really bad. Though this is my best yet, it’s not good. Plus it took me over 3 hours to paint. I’m ok with the time though, it’s actually one of the things I like about painting. Can you recommend a book or some other resource that’s has some type of guided instruction, and I can send works occasionally for you to critique.  I even thought of getting some private instruction, but I don’t see how that even works given it takes so long to paint.
I’d appreciate your comments/help.

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February 9, 2024

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