Tibia Group Muslces_Study

Tibia Group Muslces_Study

Hi Matt,

1-Could you please check the bones of the leg, I am not sure if the Femur is always under the Rectus Femuris at the middle of the thigh ! And I am not sure if we see the Fibula from this angle!

2-Inregards to the Tibia Muscles, I am not sure if we see these muscles! I tried to see them on my leg, but I didn’t find them (maybe I am not so muscular!) even the big one the Tibialis Anterior at the front of the tibia I didn’t find and tried to touch my tibia it’s all bone at the middle no muscles!

3-Regards the Calves, I am not sure if we see both the Gastrocnemius and Soleus or the Achilles Tendon in the calves area from this angle!




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January 27, 2024

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