Skeleton Study

1-Skeleton Study

Hi Matt,


I will start to study a complete figure, so I started with the first step to study the skeleton, which is the hardest part for me!


1-Inregards to the pelvis, I know that the sit bones are line up with the bottom of the Glutes and the upper part is aligned with the love handles or waist. So I did this, but I don’t know why the Pelvis looks too high and elongated like distorted!

2- Regarding the arm bones, I struggled most with the right hand I didn’t know how to draw the arm bones there and if they overlap!

3-Regards the Acromion process I know it’s above the shoulder, but I feel it looks like part of the clavicle bone in my drawing which it should be wraps backwards to the scapula!

And lastly, for the Patella,   I’m not sure If I get them right!


Thans alot



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February 11, 2024

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