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3-Loomis Skeleton Style

Hi Matt,

I am studying Loomis Skeleton and tried to do it over my realistic skeleton study, but there are some things I didn’t understand in his skeleton! Could you please find answers for me to understand it?


1-Regards to the famous Loomis Pelvis Discs. What part of the pelvis they represent? I realized they are different from the realistic ones we did! His Discs almost meet at the middle on the bottom part!

And also they are tilted too much, maybe along the Inguinal Ligament or towards the pubic bone or the male reproductive organ (because they are low)!

And also the small curve near the Greater Trochanter meets the discs at the center of the discs, where in my realistic one it’s on the lower third of the bottom part! 

2-Regards the arm bones and legs, I didn’t understand if they represent anatomical landmarks or skeleton! I just putted them at the middle of the bones of the realistic ones!

3- in regard to the hands and feet, I just did two lines at the edges of the hands and feet! I didn’t get which parts of the hands and feet do they represent in his skeletons! 





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February 25, 2024

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