Liz P _Modelling factors

Matt Sub 2nd Feb 24 copy

Dear Matt

Would Help if I uploaded the actual image 🙂

hanks for the feedback on how to get more accurate, I wanted to say (in a whiny voice :)) I do all that, but on reflection I realise I am not consistent enough. So that is my goal moving forward. I focussed much more in the very early stages on proportion this time and I think it is better?? Certainly better than in 2017 …. I do think the cast shadow might be a big narrow on the left hand side though.

All my submissions are about 14 by 11 inches.  This one I tried using darker pencils, about 4b but found harder to control.

thanks again 



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February 3, 2024

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  1. Elizabeth J Porter

    Matt in the critique gallery it looks washed out …. but the image above doesn’t I presume this is the one you critique?

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