Gesture Drawings


Hi Matt,


1-Regards the first one in the References Photo, the Loomis one. Why Loomis didn’t do the hand continues like what I did at the elbow area? It looks like the upper arm and lower arm doesn’t meet at the elbow, or he meant something to show at the elbow area and I didn’t understand it? And in the lower leg, I don’t know if he curves them to show the calf muscles like what I did in my drawing!?


2-Regadrs to the line of action. I did 3 different LOA on the 3 photos in red line. Could you see please if they are correct? I didn’t know If I should draw the LOA on the right leg or left leg and if at the middle of the head or the edge and if it is pass through the center of the torso?


3-Regards the Gesture Drawings. 

. In the second one and third one I tried to imitate what the artist did int he 30 Second Pose and 2 Minute Pose without understanding! (My Gestures took much time than him, I did not count the time!)

a-In the second one the 3o Second Reference Why the artist show only one line for the right leg and two lines for the left? And why he makes the left side of the torso sharp lines?

B-In the 2Minute Pose.  The artist said on YouTube that he don’t draw the contours but the motion, but for me, it looks like he draws the contour in curvy lines except the hands that he didn’t show!

And he also shows some details like Belly button and breast!


Thanks a lot



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March 10, 2024

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