Hey Matt,

It’s been a while.  Unfortunately I’ve found it difficult to do much drawing the last several months, but I manage to squeek it in here and there, hence this drawing.

I really liked the pose and lighting for this one, so I had to have a crack at it.  I’m finding my sweet spot for drawings is 1-3 hours, after that I find I don’t have the patience to render it more – maybe one day!  This usually means some parts are fairly unfinished (i.e. the feet), but so be it.

For this one, I feel I had some decent areas, but overall I still didn’t quite manage to get the “roundness” of certain areas (like around the belly button).  I’m aware this is likely just getting the modelling factors right, but any hints in this area would be helpful.

I also had a tough time making the edge of the body look like it was curving away from the viewer, especially with a light source on the left.  I think I’m missing something there.

Any other insights are helpful!  I tried my best to avoid getting muddy with my tones, but I think I pushed my luck in a few places.

Hope all is well,



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August 23, 2021

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