Calf Musce Study

Calf Muscles_Study

Hi Matt,

1-Could you please check the bones of the leg, I am not sure if they look like this from back view and also not sure if the heel bone looks like a high Trapezoid or triangle!

2-Inregards to the Soleus Muscle, I didn’t know the insertion point of this muscle and where it ends at the bottom of the leg! Also, I am not sure If this muscle is behind the Achilles tendon and if we see it on the surface? I also didn’t know the Achilles Tendon if it goes too high above the calf as I did!

3-Regards the Hamstring, I am not sure if we see a little bit of it around the back knee and also didn’t know how to draw its tendon they look Asymmetrical because I know one part goes tot the head of the fibula and the other head goes to the top of the Tibia!




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January 21, 2024

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