Artist Coaching


Matthew Archambault has been helping artists succeed for years. His willingness to share information and techniques truly makes the difference.


One on one coaching with Matthew will definitely fast track your improvement. It’s time to stop jumping around on YouTube looking for that so-called perfect drawing tutorial and get serious about your development.


Understanding Process

Process Is At The Core Of Matthew’s Coaching

The main reason why most artists struggle is that they don’t have a repeatable process. They jump into each new piece of art willy nilly without conducting any preliminary work.

Artists who actually implement Matthew’s suggestions see a rapid improvement in their drawings and illustrations. Let Matthew share with you his twenty-nine plus years of experience working as a professional artist to help you finally reach your artistic goals.

Matthew has worked with 1000’s of students in and out of the classroom. He understands what it takes to really develop into a highly skilled artist. He can help you see quickly what needs improvement and what is working.

Matthew will work with you breaking down your process and images step by step.

The Program

How Does The Coaching Work?

The first major component of deciding whether or not one-month or three-month coaching is for you is the time factor. Do you actually have time during the week to complete assignments? Understand that most of the benefit of signing up for the coaching comes from you taking the time to complete the provided assignments.

With the one-month and three-month coaching, you will receive an initial video critique of your work to start off with followed up with a phone call to go over and agree upon a strategy for the coaching.

After the initial critique and follow up call, coaching students will receive a critique and follow up call every week throughout the duration of the coaching.

The combination of putting in the focused effort along with the guidance you will receive from Matthew will truly help you to take your work to the next level quickly.

The one-month coaching is an investment of time, energy and money. Being honest with yourself concerning how much time you have to put into your development is an important deciding factor.

The Next Level

Who Can Benefit From The Coaching? 

If you are a person looking to improve your academic drawing skills pertaining to figure drawing and portrait drawing, Matthew’s coaching will be a perfect fit for you. If you are looking to improve your image making skills in reference to composition and perspective, Matthew can help you with that too.

In essence, any hobbyist, fine artists or illustrator looking to improve their academic traditional drawing or painting skills would benefit greatly. The main key to improving is the willingness to try new techniques, not clinging to an old system that doesn’t really get you results.

Bi-Weekly Subscription

This is a great option if you are looking for long term coaching and don’t want to break the bank. Receive a forty-five-minute personal critique followed up by a forty-five-minute phone call bi-weekly. This works for the person who needs that accountability, it works as a follow up to the one or two month coaching as well.

One Month

One month is truly the perfect time frame for steady week to week improvement. Receive a weekly forty-five-minute critique followed up by a forty-five-minute phone call weekly. Students come away with roughly five video critiques as well as five phone calls. Students gain a clear grasp of what they need to focus on. Weekly access to Matt via text and email.

Two Month

Two-month coaching is a great all-around package for the artist who wants to build a body of work and showcase it on a branded website. A consistent body of work is the hallmark of every professional artist. Receive a weekly forty-five-minute critique followed up by a forty-five-minute phone call weekly. Let’s get started. Weekly access to Matt via text and email.

Every artist is unique with different obstacles to conquer. Matthew is here to make the coaching process fit your needs.

Matthew has literary painted hundreds of book covers during his eighteen-year illustration career. He is versed in portraits, the figure, as well as landscapes.

Matthew also understands what it takes to succeed in the art world business wise. He can help you gain clarity on your style and brand too.

If you are on the fence concerning signing up, send Matthew an email with your questions and concerns.

Mixed Media Figure Drawing

Learn how to model the figure using white charcoal on painted board. This free three lesson course will teach you how to add color and form to your figure drawings. Plus you will receive a downloadable PDF.

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