Hi Matt,


In the last critique (monster eye) you mentioned that I should decide where the eye needs to go first. Because the ‘swords’ were having all the contrast, and then the eye again.

So therefor i put less contrast on these ‘swords’ in the new drawing, and more contrast in the face.
But then I decided i don’t like this drawing. So I continued with more rendering and more contrast everywhere, like the bad habbit I have. I’ll upload that 2nd version as a second photo to this gallery.
I like it more (because of more rendering? I’m not sure), but I think I have the same mistake in there again with the 2 focus parts. No?

I guess I can’t decide, what is more important, the bio-organic swords (which will tie together a whole tattoo sleeve for example), or the faces.




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April 18, 2021

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