Zoya’s Face Shield – Sheila


Hi Matt,

At the Tuesday Zoom on composition, I mentioned that I was working on a still life oil painting and wished that I’d had your lesson on composition before I had started this project.: )  Well, this is the still life.

Background: It’s called “Zoya’s Face Shield” and is about nurses coping with the pandemic. On this particular station, so many patients had passed away that the morale was really low, so the head nurse brought stickers and sequins into a team meeting and had everyone decorate their face shields in order to bring a tiny bit of joy into the sterile environment. 

Composition: Okay, so after taking notes on composition, I changed the color of the letter stickers to make them stand out more and draw the eye there and used a complimentary color to the navy blue of the face shield. What other compositional advice do you have? Should I have left part of it unfinished? Does the stethoscope lead the eye though the painting or does it confuse? 

The reference photo: The only lighting I had was overhead lighting, because I had to take the pictures in hospital with  a cell phone. Should I have somehow “doctored” the original photo to make the reference better? If so, how? 

Please give me your honest thoughts  – don’t hold back, it’s the only way I’ll learn.: )

Thank you!




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March 28, 2021

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