Hey Matt!

I apologize for not getting this to you yesterday as you had requested, but I have not had any time to draw until today. So that’s what I did!

(Today’s my BDay, and everyone asked “What are you doing for your birthday?!” I said ‘ I just want to draw’! So I did! And I’m going to continue to do so for a few more hours on other drawings I have wanting to get to!)
It’s drizzling and “cold” (68 degrees.. brrr… lol) so I’m listening to some music and drinking tea and eating chocolate and having fun just drawing!

I was bummed I couldn’t attend the make up Zoom class but had fun watching and drawing along. I drew for about another hour and a half after that, and I really enjoyed this one!

I think the glasses and teeth gave more ‘landmarks’ to measure and check angles, etc.¬†

I’m sure there are things you can see that I am not, so I am looking forward to your critique!

I hope you are having a Happy 4th of July!



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July 4, 2021

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