Yo Sí-L.Pausini


Matt I wanted your input on how I’m progressing on my shading/rendering of this beautiful singer (and her beautiful Spanish rendition of the song that was up for academy award last year from movie starring Sophia Loren…I recommend) anyway I am gradually “filling in the white” with my col-erase pencil on Strathmore toned gray 400 series(about ten hours so far) unfortunately the pic is from an album cover, so I don’t know as I continue whether I should draw a line across her forehead as in the pic or use artistic license to “create” a correct proportion forehead and hair(?) Mainly I thought it was a great photo to practice values and shading.  Also, sorry to hear about your DJD problems – have you investigated hydro gel or Hydrafil injections(just approved by FDA in the U.S. for clinical studies?  Although as a P.T. I’d recommend exhausting all non-invasive methods first! But thought I would suggest. Anyway thank you, take card of yourself and Peace, bob kantner


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June 19, 2021

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