wyeth color try, larry

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Hi Matt,

First foray into color. Thought I’d go with colored pencils as paint too intimidating. Not sure if this was a good starting choice, but it seemed to be close to black and white with a colored object that was not critical to get exactly right. Color selection was difficult, so I did use a color picker app.

I did this one before watching any videos. Now I’m drawing fruits and flowers to get the hang of blending. Not sure what the best approach is. Do you just jump in and try a portrait, or what? You did mention monochromatic, is that the same as using a graphite pencil, but use a colored one instead?

All comments appreciated. Those rags were giving me a problem.

I have seen several of your students mention they’d like to progress into color. In the past you did a weekly zoom and podcast. I know your very busy, but maybe a single monthly one where you’d discuss color? Just a thought, if you could ever find time.



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July 16, 2022

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