“Wonder” – Sheila


Hi Matt,

I’m trying to follow your advice about not just doing homework assignments, so here is a portrait that I call “Wonder”.  What I want to do is to capture the ability that children have to marvel over simple things, something that we adults often forget how to do. Also, I would like to draw more children, so this was a good exercise. 

Could you please give me feedback, not only on the drawing, but my use of color? I’m still uneasy with color. 

Also, I thought about drawing a dragonfly or something (I’m obsessed with dragonflies) in the top left corner as a focal point for the child. Do you think it would be more interesting if I had added something like that?

Looking forward to class on Tues.! Hopefully, I won’t be sick this week and be able to stay for the feedback hour.

Have a great day!





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October 24, 2021

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