White pencil on black – HEAD/HAND Toscanini LP Cover by Zoran

Toscanini drawing -76160d01

Got this in Philadelphia huge second hand book store. Art for me , music for my son.
Polish photographer did this back in 50’s, he faded to darkness everything but skin and baton. 

White pastel pencil and colorless blender on black paper.  
In your opinion Matt, what is harder to work with: charcoal or pastel pencil?

As a kid, growing up in Belgrade Serbia I loved Norman Rockwell art, got few books from publick library and watched your videos here. No idea how good he was and workaholic like Mozart with composing music, and equal quality left behind both artists.   


p.s. I sent to you request on FB page with avatar name as “Caravaggio” accept me please when you can go on fb.
Thanks Matt.


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January 31, 2021


  1. Neil Blue

    Great work Zoran,

    I really love the light on dark. It is very powerful. I can’t get away from starting with the lines first myself which I think you need to do for this approach.

    • Zoran Popovic

      Hi Neil,

      THANKS, that is my love for light-shadow game or chiaroscuro technique. This week I am not fit for drawing. Back pain, can’t sit or concentrate. I am still experimenting with pencils and paper.
      I like to use lime as a starting stage, but experimenting with mass charcoal modeling and subtracting-erasing “drawing” style if you know what I mean by that.

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