Hi Matt!

Wow- I had trouble with this one! I LOVE this painting, and although we drew it in class last week I wanted to do a long drawing of it on colored paper. 
Well, I got to where I thought I had it all roughly sketched in, measurement and angle-wise, and started getting bogged down on the face details, stepped back and saw that I was WAY off with the measurements and angles especially at the top portion – her head was too large and it was way over to the left too far.
I was determined to fix it, and I think it’s better, but I’m out of gas for doing any more on it today and wanted to get your insight before I go any farther.
I included the first try on the left, so you can see how far off I was and what I changed. The second was lit better when I photographed it- wow, that makes such a difference!
Thank you in advance for your time and critique! I will unfortunately not be able to make the Zoom meeting tomorrow at 3, as I work Monday afternoons, but will check out the video after!
Thanks again!


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November 14, 2021

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