Watercolour with coloured pencil painting of Bruges, Belgium

Bruges WIP

Hi Matt, this is Caitlin.

As you can see I’ve changed quite a lot of elements from the reference photo.

The value structure in the reference looked to me quite boring with its light sky and light buildings. So I changed the time of day to make the sky dark while keeping the buildings light in comparison. I think it makes a  more interesting composition. 

I used a limited palette of blues, yellows and browns. Again, I thought it would be more interesting. I like how those colours contrast. It was also to create unity throughout the piece.

I think perhaps the texture in my piece is less good than in the reference. Especially in the buildings. Any tips on how to make brick texture with out outlining every single one?

I’m happy to keep working on this one based on your recommendations, so all critique is welcome.

Thank you 

(Reference photo taken by me during my travels last year)

Size: 6×8 inches


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June 15, 2020

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