Walpoth in water color


I did a sketch of this image during class.  Unfortunately I was not home and only had a sky blue magic marker,  actually the likeness I sketched, was better than the one you see here

Thinking that paint was more like digital with this reference,all the big areas of color and white overlay, so I tried water color.  Used sketchbook so the paper didnt hold up;  and then I had the bright idea to add some acrylic to brighten up the whites.  Kind of fun but I was not able to control the brush well enough and accuracy kind of went out the window.

An experiment.  I can show you the magic marker version tomorrow if that’s ok

After class I am off to Anchorage and eye doctor for a couple days. Won’t be able to go to Tuesday class.

Thank you for providing us with such good classes!




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January 8, 2023

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