Viking Girl – André

viking girl-7b3cf09a

Hi everyone!

As Matt suggested in the class yesterday i wanted to share the digital painting i talked about.

The courses have helped me so much since i joined and I’ve seen improvements already in such a short period of time

hope you like it!

all the best wishes,



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March 17, 2021


  1. Magnus Burén

    Nice character design 👏

    • Andre Lage

      thank you so much!! its inspired by the vikings show

  2. Don Meador

    I have recently started doing some digital painting with Wacom bamboo. I find this very difficult for me, so I really appreciate how much effort this takes to get here. This is really good. Thank you for sharing this.


    • Andre Lage

      Thank you!! i felt the same way when i started doing digital stuff and even now its still hard, but just keep practicing and you’ll become better and better! one of the things that helped me was trying to forget that it’s digital and just draw or paint as you do with real paint.

      Hope this helps!
      all the best wishes, André

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