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Hi Matt,

I decided to make this drawing small (about 6×8 in.) because I was afraid of filling the whole background. That was such a bad idea. Drawing the tiny details of the head almost drove me crazy.

Now I’ve finished the “Begin here” course, not sure where to go next. When I’m not doing practice drawings, I draw exclusively from imagination. So I thought the “Drawing form Memory” or “Anatomy” course would be a good choice. On the other hand, the zoom classes and the statue practice drawings really improved my skills, so maybe a more universal course like the “60 minute figure drawing” is better for me.

I joined DTO seven weeks ago and I really got what I expected: I’m starting to understand how to achieve good results. Totally worth the money, worth the time and worth the pain writing english sentences.


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February 21, 2021


  1. sebastien labrecque

    good day Nicole i really like your drawing , i can almost feel the texture …


  2. Nicole Schwabe

    Thank you S├ębastien!

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