Value Structure, lesson 11 Step by step: Reineres


Hi Matt, It’s been a year since I worked on these lessons.   I started this around May of last year then got Covid and for a year after I had long covid symptoms and didn’t do much work.  It’s just the last three months I’m starting to feel like my old self, but not 100%.  Sometime around May 12 of last year I believe,  I posted an incomplete drawing of a head sculpture of a demi-god for a critique which I believe was lesson 10?    Will work on in the near future

I am always filled with anxiety when it comes to figure and portraits.  There’s so much to look for to make the drawing/image as accurate possible; proportions, angles, curves.  It boils down too, I want it to look like the image I’m drawing.   I’m using measurement techniques as taught in one of the lessons as best as I can see.

Regarding this drawing, I did a gradation in the background and turned out very textured.  I proceeded to smooth out with a brush and turned out too much like cotton.  I erased it all and just left a few tones.   Also I’m using my Iphone to take the photo and  darks and white are too dark and too white.  I’ve lifted up some of the tone as best as I can.


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August 18, 2023

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