Understanding Form – Alan

Understanding Form

Alan Seedhouse

For this drawing I used a Derwent Artist Pencil (Raven – 8120) as I still have not got hold of the Col-Erase (although I have now located a source). It blacker than a normal graphite pencil but is not very erasable and more similar to a coloured pencil.

I really liked this lesson by Matthew and think I learned a lot. In the videos it looks as though Matt is drawing ‘sight-size’, i.e. the photo is next to the drawing. I am not sure if this is how he did it or whether this is just how it is shown on the video. I currently do not have a working printer and so I am having to draw directly from my PC monitor. This seems to make it a bit harder to get accurate shapes and proportions and in my drawing the right leg at the bottom is not correct but as I could not erase it easily I just carried on and attempted to get the lights and darks correct.



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March 23, 2020

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