Understanding Form

Understanding Form 1-776ecd16

Hi Matt,

 I struggled with drawing this torso muscles! 

Furthermore, I did five value system study  and I tried to see the shape of each value and mark it on the reference photo before I paint the torso, then  I did 5 values palette which I used to paint the torso.

I would like at first to get feedback on my drawing, and then I would like to  know if I marked the 5 values correctly on the reference photo and if the value palettes is correct?




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June 19, 2021

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  1. nadim chreide

    I forget to mention that I used middle tone for the top plane of the box which it is the same as the background which it gets lost because I only have 5 value system and I can’t add more values, so I didn’t know how to fix this problem!

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