Hi Matt,


I did another Triceps Study, but this time I did at first bones of the arm then I did the Insertion and Origin of each muscle o the bone, and then I Draw it but when I drew it I didn’t know how to show each tricep muscle and felt lost!


1-Inregards to the bones. Did I get the position of the Humerus Head and Epicondyles correct, and I struggled to draw the Ulna and Radius ! I think they are wrong, and I wasn’t sure If the Ulna is a straight bone it has a curve?

There is a Furrow at the ulna, Is this the Ulnar Furrow or a muscle?

2-Inregards to the Muscle Could you please see I Get the Triceps Muscle’s origin and insertion correct? And do we see the Medial head from the both sides as I did at the lower part?





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August 20, 2023

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