Torso Study 3

Hi Matt,

I worked on your Feedback and made some wrapping lines to show the Form.

1-Could you please check the drawing if I did the roll in lines correct, but on the neck they look weird!

2-Inregards to the anatomy Form, I found a reference photo from the internet and I tried to do it on my drawing.

-I struggled to show the Deltoid Top Plane and from the far side. I didn’t know how to show it on the Deltoid and the Traps, and they look wrong from perspective.

-In regards o the Chest, the top line is curved in the opposite side from the Ref, because my clavicle is downward & the top 4 Ab muscles look much smaller than the Ref of the other guy!


Lastly, you always show the lower part of the obliques by circles. Why is this part thicker than the upper part if this guy has no fat?





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May 21, 2023

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