Torso – Mike M.


Hi Matt,

This is my drawing for the Understanding Form lesson. I’m not happy with the rendering here, but the lesson itself and working through the drawing were incredibly helpful in how I think about form and values.

I guess my focus for feedback is on incorporation of surface planes, organic forms, and anything under that umbrella, but I’m happy for any and all critiques that jump out to you. As always, thanks for your feedback!

-Mike M.


Posted on

March 22, 2020


  1. Ebony Simpson

    I actually really like your rendering Mike! The softness of your tones really works with this statue.

    • Michael Marttila

      Thanks, Ebony! For this drawing I had a lot of adding tone then removing tone, and back and forth, and so by the end of it it kind of felt like some areas were getting away from me and becoming uneven. Your kind comment helps me feel better about it though, so thanks very much!

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