Tori – Begin Here Course, Shadow Shapes


New job interfered with art but I think I have the schedule worked out at last. This drawing took a long, long time and I reached the point where I couldn’t go any further without risking tearing it up and starting over.  So, sending it instead.

I really, really liked watching you draw this week. Standing back and looking at the reference side by side with the drawing helped me see some of the mistakes. Getting an easel to work on helped as well. I liked having you in my ear while I tried to do this assignment, liked knowing that you make mistakes and need to make adjustments … and thanks for explaining terms!

Questions.  After a while, the lines don’t erase as well. Is it better at that point to start over or just leave the ‘artifacts’ there? How do you know when to stop? I freely admit that I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I’m more likely to see what I got wrong as opposed to what I did right.

Question – not relevant to this lesson:  I don’t always have time during daylight hours now with the new job to draw. How would you recommend setting up lighting to work at night — or is just better to find daylight hours.

Good to be back on track again,



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August 24, 2019

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