Toned paper portrait tutorial

Hi Mat,
Thank you for the critique for my WIP.
Although I’ve been a member of DTO for quite a while now and have learned so much, I tend to lack confidence to try things, in case i ‘get it wrong’
After dabbling with watercolour for the past couple of years I find myself drawn back to drawing…parden the pun!!!
The portraits I have done in the past have always been either traced to get the placement of the features or using a grid, so I’ve decided to face my fears and start trying to ’see’ better.
I know it’s far from perfect but I am reasonably happy that I have got to this point without those aids.
I will be getting a white charcoal pencil as I only have a pastel and its not giving me the result I want.
Also I am using a HB pencil. Do you suggest I just keep pressing harder to get my darks darker or go with a 2B or 4B
Sorry to ramble.

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April 18, 2020

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  1. Janet Aspinall

    Sorry Mat, I didn’t add my name… Janet Aspinall

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