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hello, my name is Todd. I am 55yo, recently retired and in need of a hobby to fill all my free time now. I have always been into comics and animations. in the last couple of years I have had ideas for some graphic novels and wanted to learn how to draw. now is the time. in my research I found a lot of artists recommend learning realism first to make stylizing easier. I’ve tried a few of the more popular online courses and found them lacking in that classroom feel.

my recent image is from after I finished my last course(asked for critique and all I got was ‘looks good’.  having trouble with my heads/faces as well as my feet. I do about 45 minutes of gestures (1min, 2min, 5min) almost everyday but can’t seem to take them past that.

QUESTION: with this info what do you recommend for lessons after I get done with the step by step intro?


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August 3, 2021

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