Three Forms

4-Three Forms

Hi Matt,


I think the first step is ok, so I will ask about the other two steps!


1-Inregards to the second step the details of the mannikin frame which I drew it over the step 1 the Mannikin. Could you please check it and compare it with the reference to see if I applied it correctly? I feel the spine not correct, I wasn’t sure if it’s straight or curves backwards!


2-in Regards to the third step the three forms of the body which I represented them by 3 ovals.

a. Could you please explain over which leg is the weight of the body distributed? The front one or the back one, and how you know? And what is the center of gravity that always artists mention? And where is the horizon line in this image which looks to me, it’s low angle, but I couldn’t spot it the horizon line!

b. I tried to analyze the pose. I feel like the shoulders towards the left and hips towards the right and head upwards towards the right, so I applied the Line of Action according to that! 

c. Then I added the 3 ovals. Are the 3 ovals correct? Then I added the limbs based on the Mannikin frame of Loomis which I think the legs represent the calves muscles!



Nadim Chreide





Posted on

March 3, 2024

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