The last Alaskan-work in progress


Matt-hope all is well with you-I’m back to portraits-this is black col-erase on smooth Strathmore Bristol-this is a photo of my nephew who has lived off the land in Alaska nearly all of his 52 yrs-in his “igloo” he built near Bering sea on arctic circle.  I’m working on darkest dark areas and adjusting values elsewhere accordingly, e.g.under neck, parts of SCM, and trying to make solid shapes solid-need suggestions on this but especially background-should I make most of are to his right under the rifle all solid hatch mark, leave out the bolt on the bolt action totally out.  Also that’s a grizzly fur that he’s sitting on how Should I render that?I think I have a pretty good start on face hands and arms…anyway I’m feeling good about this-as always anxious for your critique.

peace, bob kantner


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March 29, 2020

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