surface planes of the head

surface planes of the head-87f78a40

Hi Matt,

I start to study realistic drawing from few months and the first problem that I have is to recognize the surface planes of the head, the front plane, side and the three quarter plane.

I tried to identify them on the Skull Photos and on the Head Pictures from every View by recognizing the light and shadow on the face, but I think it doesnot works!

I know that the Temporal Line identify the side plane of the head, but when the light doesn´t shows this temporal line clearly, how can you recognize it! Is there Anatomical Landmarks to recognize the temporal line in every view? also i couldnot recognize the part cheek part  that should be included in every view on the front plane!

I also have a problem identifying the area under the jaw the ´´Suprahyoid Muscles´´ from the jaw line because the jawline in this picture is not sharp and clear! Does this underjaw part also appears in the front view?

Thanks Matt



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April 3, 2021

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  1. nadim chreide

    Hi Matt ,

    I also forget to mention something.

    What is the anatomical landmark for the back bottom part of the cranium in the side view? I saw in some pictures and on the skull it looks like a strong curve at the bottom of the cranium that starts at the middle of th ear and ends at the bottom of the ear in the side view! but in this photo it looks like a straight line!
    Can you please draw this curve on the side view photo to know it!


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