Suraj_Value-Structure_Exercise 7

Suraj_Value-Structure_Exercise 7-69dfcfc9

Hey, Matt. 

I hope you are well. I suppose I’ve made her head a bit big and the shoulder to her right a bit high. This was a great exercise—in that I learnt to fill up an A4-sized page with graphite. I also discovered that I am not really a fan of the blending stump. Eventually I ended up abusing the paper more than it could take. 
A couple of questions: 
1) When does one stop using a blending stump while working on a piece? I do feel it abuses and weakens the paper. The brush seems a lot more organic and nicer to work with. 
2) You’ve seen my progress. I still feel like I have a problem with achieving likeness. What should I do to address that? And what course do I choose now that I’ve completed the first course? 
Thank you in advance. 

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April 20, 2021

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