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Hi Matt,
Trying to get back into doing drawings for Crit again. Really enjoying the live drawing classes on Tuesdays and the Saturday YouTube session.

I feel kind of odd about submitting four-images-in-one, but these are the “finished” studies of my Instagram post earlier today. There references were screenshots captured from an Instagram “reel” that Sarah Misch (@smischievous) posted earlier this week. 

The idea was to just draw on at least four evenings this week without getting too precious about it – while trying to be aware of specific things like gesture, scale, proportion, tone.

They aren’t meant to be finished drawings but I do feel like they help add to the practice of the live class (and hopefully add to other non-class related longer peices I’m working on). I’d like to play around with a mix of the short form “life” drawings and some more focused long form drawings and studies. 

Do you have advice on how to manage doing these kind of studies? 

Blackwing matte pencil on Strathmore newsprint cut to 8.5X14″. Erasers: kneaded and Stadler latex and pvc-free. Brush: tapered point (IKEA Mala kid’s series).

Thanks as always,



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January 31, 2021

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