still life with berries Carole

Still Life with berries

Most of this was stick pastels. But I had to use colored pencil on the strawberry because I did not have a bright strawberry red pastel.  First I tried layering and blending the reds I did have, but no success.

I also used a white charcoal pencil in some highlights and a black charcoal pencil for some edges.  Paper was strathmore gray.  I learned about pastel not wanting to go on top of pencil. And some of the pastels were very hard and would not transfer onto the paper, but other colors transferred well.  I spent a lot of time brushing the colors in, and blending them.  Also a lot of blending stump.

About blueberries:  You need to go to Costco where they sell flats of blueberries in plastic containers,  in the room where they sell lettuces and other vegetables. At home, put them right in the freezer if you have room.  They freeze individually so you can take a handful out, rinse them off, and put them in your salad or cereal. Like little popsicles!  I showed this to my grandchildren and now they like to snack on them frozen.  I always buy a flat which has several containers, but I think you can buy them individually.


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August 11, 2023

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  1. Carole Jaffa

    I also made the cup more straight up and down,, not sure why I did

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