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Hey Matt! Probably my 3rd time signing up over the past years…

Anyway here is my most recent drawing and since it’s my first drawing, I just want some general feedback. The proportion, and or accuracy, of the lips was the most difficult part and something I’d like to take another crack at, but it’s done so I’m moving on.

My goal for what it’s worth – To draw like Sargent, Ramon Casas, and Philip De Lazlo.


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February 9, 2020

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  1. Craig Warner

    Ha ha Stevie I just showed Matt a drawing by Ramon Casas a couple of weeks ago, a drawing of Picasso when he just arrived in Paris… at 19 years old. I’ve never heard anyone else mention Ramon Casas! Now I’m going to look up Philip De Lazlo. Can I say, the thing I long to do in my own drawing is — after likeness, of course — to be able to show character, mood, psychology — an internal life for the subject — the way Sargent does. Your drawing does that beautifully… it feels so natural and effortless. I would love to be able to invoke emotion but I can’t (yet). You definitely got the Sargent background! Whenever I try to add a background, it’s distracting. But yours is perfect. The eyes have life. That alone shows enormous talent. And the lips are perfect. I agree about moving on, by the way, rather than obsessing over a detail — I just painted a picture of a father and daughter and I like the picture but the daughter looks like a zombie. I keep going back and trying to fix her lips, because I’m sure that’s the source of the zombie-look. But I can’t make it work. So I’m moving on. At the very least you’re not trying to make your works stop looking like portraits of zombies — so feel my pain. But anyway, beautiful portrait, evokes emotion, reveals character… you really should be proud. For that nose alone you should be given the Nobel Prize. Or an Oscar. (Is that a category?)

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