statue, larry

for matt

Hi Matt,

Still working on monochromatic exercises. I do them in one sitting, about 4 hours. I had been painting with values spanning 1-10, this one I tried to narrow the range by not going so dark. 

The face I paint in sections, the darks, then the next darker, etc and then try to gradate them. The hair I wasn’t sure how to handle it, so I painted some overall light value and then tried to add detail after, but I was having trouble painting over wet paint. And then the values are a bit different when you overpaint wet. Anyway any advice on how to do that. Also how do you get sharper edges, everything is a bit soft/blurry…too much blending.

Worked over a tracing, if I had to do proportions and technique at the same time I feel it would be completely frustrating.



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March 29, 2024

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