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Hi Matt,

I wanted to practice speed painting by doing a painting in less than one hour, but the result was bad!

But I  posted anyway!

In regard to the character in the Reference, do we see his back or his face because it’s all black!

In regard to the clouds, Is this circular cloud a storm?

I did research about the differences between the clouds in every season, but I couldn’t find an answer! I just found one person wrote that base of the clouds in summer are lower than in winter!





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November 13, 2021


  1. Shannon Wolford

    This drawing is so unique from what I usually see in the gallery.

    • nadim chreide

      Thanks, Shannon, I like to experiment many styles of art during learning. This drawing is for an artist that works in Blizzard. Blizzard and Riot do a lot of cool artwork. Check their artwork, I think you will like them 🙂

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