Soccer kid – Erik


Hi Matt,

I’m still here but I sadly haven’t had time to work on my visual arts that much this past year. I hope to change this soon. But for now, here’s something a little bit unusual (as usual from me).

A “vexel” image of my son. He’s almost 8 now and a really talented soccer player. Two things I’d like some input on:

Likeness and things that would make it more professional looking. 🙂




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November 2, 2019


  1. Caitlin Brown

    I really like this, Erik. Looks good to me!

    • Erik Lodin

      Thanks Caitlin, I’m happy to hear that. 🙂

  2. Ahmet Mert Vural

    This looks really nice Erik! I love how you kept things really simple yet the piece really looks three dimensional

    • Erik Lodin

      Thank you Ahmet,
      I have a great interest and focus on graphics. This flat style is a way to mix everything I’ve learned from Matt with the simplified style of graphic design. The thing I find most difficult is to know which colors to use and the total number of colors. More colors mean it’s potentially more realistic but also makes it less simplified… 🙂

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