Skull Study – Eric


Here’s a skull study I did tonight after work based on your skeleton PDF. I was tired, so I was a little impatient in places and even slipped into invention for things like the teeth. Looking at the image on the computer, I can see that the jaw bone is way too thick. I didn’t even notice that when I was drawing.


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July 6, 2020


  1. Shannon Wolford

    I found this on Deviant Art and favorite it!

  2. Eric Pellegrin

    Thank you, Shannon. You’re the one who pointed me to this program when I asked you who about the “online art teacher” you said was giving you critiques. Good feedback from a qualified teacher was the one thing I was missing from other sources of training.

    ::cough:: Maybe you should get a free month or something. ::cough::

    • Shannon Wolford

      oh. it’s you! Your artwork is better than mine.

      • Eric Pellegrin

        Thank you for the compliment. I should be better by now, but I’m finally getting serious.

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