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Hi Matt,

For a while now I’ve been considering doing one of your figure drawing courses as aside from portraits this is another of my loves.  As you can see these are basically just doodles taken from internet references and my own personal photos,  with little attention paid to form or accurate proportions and I’ve sent them basically as an overview as to where I am at this point in time.  I would like to improve and hone in on my skills and am looking for some guidance.   As you know my biggest stumbling block is the ability to draw loosely and I’m hoping that a figure course that relies on rhythm and long flowing lines will help me greatly.  But which one?? you have many and I have kind of discounted gesture drawing because I’m not sure they lend themselves well to a critique.  The long pose drawings on the other hand may keep me in that ‘tight box’.  I really would appreciate your advice on this one Matt.    Lastly, I would like to alternate between figure and portrait drawing, in your opinion is this a wise option or should I stick to one thing?   Look forward to your comments.  Many thanks Jan


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October 20, 2019

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