Female Figure Study 4444-cc6a190f

Hi Matt,

I did the drawing, but I will post it next week, because I still have a lot of problems with the skeleton !


1-In regard to the skeleton, How do you spot the place where the two leg bones connect at the knee area? How wide and tall are these bones connection at the knee area?

-Could you please tell me how to spot the patella knee bone, because there are a lot of bumps there, and they confused me!

2-Inregards to the two forearm bones, do they overlap each others in this pose or not and in which case these two bones overlaps?

3-Regarding the Pelvis Discs, do these discs represents the inside part of the pelvis or the outside, because they are ellipses and their perspective are not clear for me which side they are representing!




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July 31, 2022

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