Shea Portrait drawing Jan G


Hi Matt,

As you can see this is not a finished portrait.  I struggled so much with this one it’s untrue.  I started off with the eye and was working from angles ie angle from nose to mouth, nose to ear and so on.  However this went horribly wrong and I literally ended up going round in circles altering this which then didn’t match up with that until in the end I just rubbed the whole thing out to start over again.   Taking a different approach I went back  to measuring but ended up with the eye too low down and the nose which wasn’t wide enough but only realised this after rendering her face.  This picture highlighted a big weakness of mine which is being able to judge distances and compare measurements.  As my drawing was considerably bigger than my reference I found looking at the reference then trying to transfer say the size of her eye onto my drawing challenging to say the least and caused endless difficulties.  I decided to send it to you anyway because it’s a learning experience and my struggle is clearly evident in the drawing and if I can get something positive from this it makes it all worth while.  Also am away on holiday and wont get the chance to send anything down next week.  As an afterthought the hair didn’t get worked on just a tone laid down so please don’t judge me on that bit!  Many thanks Matt


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November 8, 2019

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