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I have always felt apprehensive about using references, unless I distort them.  Another point to bring up is that I feel I practice more than I work on complete pieces.  Those  two factors are basically impossible to balance, and to continue would be plain wrong.  Here, I have the first and fifth take on the sculpture from the shadow shape lesson, the graphite being the fifth and the one to focus on.  I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons from this week’s viewing, and spent many hours taking notes and focusing on this reference throughout the week.   Leading to my question, I’m in the process of approaching the work of making a drawing in a very different manner, and that feels less daunting than exciting.  But, in the video you mentioned clinging to certain aspects of a piece, while I noticed that in my own drawing.  What I clang to was the error and not a point of interest.  What advice would you give to that?  The hair didn’t intimidate me as much as I focused to hard on getting the facial proportions right, overdoing it.  I don’t really know what to ask, and it might take some time before I’m able to find the right questions.  Any other comments are very welcome.  Thanks for your patience and excellent teaching


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May 2, 2021

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