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Hello Matt!

Happy Spring!

After starting with the beginning videos, I have been dancing all over the web site; there’s just SO much, I’m a kid in a candy store!

I went back to the course work and realized I’m only 7 of 20 steps in! 

So I’m FOCUSING now!

Here’s my homework for Shadow Shapes. 

I started drawing this statue with angles on the left then center, and finally went to the right last because there’s so much info there on the right of the eye, I was avoiding it; in such a small area, there are so many lines, shadow, overlapping, planes…. it was making my eyeballs dizzy! Can you please provide a tip or trick to focusing in when there’s so much info like that?

I found myself going away from that area, work on another part, taking a break and then coming back to it only to get dizzy and lose my place a lot. 

Grateful for your critique!



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March 21, 2021

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