Seeing Shadow shapes, Linda

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Prismacolor black erasable pencil on sketch paper.  I like it, it doesn’t smear easily.

This was a challenge.  My brain goes off on a tangent and I lose my place.  

I started the drawing 3 times on fresh paper till I settled into the method and was able to focus and get into the flow. 

I have about 6 hours into this drawing exercise.  I had to correct major misjudgements in proportions, one of which I did not find till I put the scanned drawing over the reference photo and examined it.   Tricky brain.  

I did the line drawing of the girl with curls this week as well. 

What I want to do is set my paper up the same way every time and simplify work flow so I don’t struggle.   I’m not there yet.  I am still shifting things around, monitor and easel to discover an ergonomic and repeatable stable position. 


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November 15, 2021

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